Panama - Washed Bambito Estate Typica
Panama - Washed Bambito Estate Typica
Panama - Washed Bambito Estate Typica

Panama - Washed Bambito Estate Typica

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Region: Volcan Baru

Altitude: 1632 - 1821 masl

Variety: Typica

Processing: Washed

Coffee Grade: PAN CA WA SHB

Notes: Fruit forward and sweetly driven cup with flavors of black cherry, strawberry and lime. Full body filled with big chocolate, caramel, and brown sugar notes.

Family own and founded, Bambito estate is now within it's fourth and fifth generation of family heritage. Located in the Volcan Baru area of Panama between two national forest parks, Bambito Estate is crossed by two mountain ridges from East to West. These ridges protect the coffee trees from the summer north winds. The north part of the estate, has less solar exposure, more shade and humidity and consistently produces top quality coffee.

Within the estate there are two springs which are the main source for water to their mill. As well, Bambito has its own greenhouse and on-site cupping laboratory. The nursery is utilized to preserve coffee tree genetics and maintain a young and healthy coffee lineage. Processing byproducts (coffee pulp/mucilage liquid) are used as a source of organic fertilizer.

This specific lot is entirely Typica variety and is grown at an elevation that ranges between 1,632 and 1,821 meters above sea level. The estate has an average temperature range of between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to these slightly cooler temperatures combined with the growing elevation, these factors leads to a bean that matures more slowly and results in a truly hard, dense bean with unique cup quality and characteristics.